Pitt class presenting naloxone recommendations to national public health group

November 2, 2016

A University of Pittsburgh public health law class that recently presented five recommendations for curbing opioid deaths in the region using naloxone to the Allegheny County Health Department will share those recommendations today at the American Public Health Association's annual meeting in Denver.

The two-year-old class, Law in Public Health Practice, focused its semester-long research into tackling opioid abuse on three at-risk populations: veterans, inmates and schoolchildren. In a 122-page report, the class offered five recommendations, including offering naloxone and training on its use to inmates with a history of opioid abuse upon their release from Allegheny County Jail, offering medication-assisted treatment to affected inmates, and finding ways to provide naloxone to veterans and their families through a collaboration with the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System. Read More


Introducing Crossroads: Law and Public Health

October 27, 2016

The Center for Public Health Practice (CPHP) is pleased to introduce Crossroads: Law and Public Health, a bimonthly open-access column on JPHMP Direct authored by our own Elizabeth Van Nostrand, JD and Tina Batra Hershey, JD, MPH. JPHMP Direct is the multimedia companion site of the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice, a bimonthly peer-reviewed journal guided by a multidisciplinary editorial board of administrators, practitioners, and scientists.

Check out the inaugural column here and stay informed by subscribing to the JPHMP Direct RSS Feed


Practice-based Multidisciplinary Course "Law and Public Health Practice" Addresses the Opioid Epidemic

May 16, 2016Opioid Pills

“Law and Public Health Practice” was created by Elizabeth Van Nostrand, JD, faculty at the Center for Public Health Practice, as a project of her 2014 Robert Wood Johnson Future of Public Health Law Education Faculty Fellowship. The public health issue focused on in the course each year is determined in collaboration with the Allegheny County Health Department.See the University Times to learn more about this year's focus, the opioid epidemic.


Dean's Day 2016

The Center for Public Health Practice is pleased to announce the following awards:

Julia Draghiciu recently received the Center for Public Health Practice Award for Translation and Application of Research to Public Health Policy and Practice. The CPHP Translation Award honors the Graduate School of Public Health Dean’s Day project best demonstrating a contribution to policy making and/or applications for improving practice. Ms. Draghiciu, a student in the Department of Infectious Disease and Microbiology, received the award for her project, “Animal Bite and Rabies Post Exposure Prophylaxis Reporting in Central Zone, Alberta, Canada.”

The Catherine Cartier Ulrich Memorial Award was established by the Center for Public Health Practice to honor the memory of Catherine Cartier Ulrich for her work improving the health of underserved populations. Tragically, Catherine and her husband were killed in a car accident on July 3, 2000. The Cartier Ulrich Memorial Award honors one master’s level and one doctoral level student each year and is open to all Dean’s Day projects that show a commitment to public health service to the underserved. In 2016, Ms. Maria Aguiluz-Abunto, an MMPH student, was recognized for her master’s level work, "Health and Wellness At Gwen's Girls: A Bridging the Gaps Pittsburgh practicum experience," and doctoral candidate, Mr. Steven Meanley, Department of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences, was recognized for her work " Identifying Unaware HIV-Positive Status among HIV-Positive Black Men Who Have Sex with Men in the U.S."


Moving Toward Shared Responsibility
for Population Health; Incorporating
Health in All Policies

To increase opportunities for physical activity, the Pennsylvania Department of Health has partnered with the Center for Public Health Practice to create a network of community-based walking routes and walking groups.

  • Identify and promote safe walking routes;
  • Offer social support through community-based walking groups;
  • Help schools develop walk-to-school programs; and
  • Address local policies to increase safe walking routes.

Walking routes and groups can be found in the following locations:

WalkWorks Map


  1. Blair County
  2. Fayette County
  3. Indiana County
  4. McKean County
  5. Northampton County (coming soon)
  6. Schuylkill County (coming soon)
  7. Harrisburg - Capitol Complex

Policy Brief

A series of policy briefs is being developed to help promote policy change related to increasing opportunities for active transportation – pedestrian and biking. The initial brief focuses on the importance and value of institutionalizing health considerations into decision-making with specific focus on physical activity.

"If there's one thing we've learned about catalyzing changes that prevent illness in the first place, it's that passage of a single policy can be like lighting a match — illuminating the way towards strategies with greater impact and igniting the energy of leaders."
                                                                                      – Prevention Institute 2015

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