Helping Hospitals Address Community Health Needs:

A Collaboration between the Center for Public Health Practice and the Department of Behavioral and Community Health Sciences


Integrating Health Care and Public Health

Pitt Public Health is committed to improving the health of Pennsylvanians. Our team of public health experts can help hospitals comply with the requirements of community health under the new federal tax laws and make a difference in the health status of their service populations. Training is available through the federally funded Mid-Atlantic Regional Public Health Training Center, a program of the Center for Public Health Practice. You, your staff, and your consultants can learn how to align the new reporting requirements with your strategic goals and resources by utilizing our training opportunities and resources. Together, we can impact health outcomes in Pennsylvania by integrating health care and public health.

Our team will help you move beyond the first step. We will help you to:

  1. Assess the Need

    • Identify community leaders, agencies, special interest groups, and public health experts
    • Find the right tools to conduct community health needs assessments
  2. Align the Resources

    • Build a strategic plan by aligning assessed community needs with hospitals’ financial resources, marketing potential, and available expertise
  3. Identify the Intervention

    • Select interventions to address needs by using systematic reviews, research-based evidence, and best-practice recommendations
  4. Address the Need

    • Implement targeted and tailored interventions: plan, staff, manage, monitor, and report
  5. Evaluate the Impact

    • Measure progress toward meeting community health needs and ROI

Helping Hospitals Address Community Health Needs
A two-part webinar series

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In Part I, our content experts review the federal community benefit requirements, introduce the field of public health, and explore the assessment of community needs and preferences.


In Part II, our content experts provide recommendations for the identification, implementation, and evaluation of effective community-based interventions.

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