Pennsylvania Preparedness
Leadership Institute

Leadership trainings through the Pennsylvania Preparedness Leadership Institute (PPLI) provide essential training to public health and other emergency preparedness and response personnel, allowing enhanced coordination and networking between agencies and enhancing public health readiness on the local and statewide level.

Trainings through PPLI can be single or multi-day and are tailored to the needs of the requesting organization.

Training Sessions

Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills
Understand why conflict occurs and learn constructive conflict management and negotiation skills. Practice conflict discussions using real situations and receive feedback on the effectiveness of your approach.

Crisis Leadership
Learn what it takes to lead in crisis. Competencies needed for crisis leadership are reviewed, discussed, and developed.

Emotional Intelligence and Active Listening
While IQ and technical skills are important, emotional intelligence is the essential ingredient of successful leadership. Explore the components of emotional intelligence and how to improve yours.

Leading and Managing Change
Change is natural and inevitable, and keeping tabs on change prepares leaders for guiding others. Learn how to adapt and navigate through the maze of change, how to move beyond fear of change, and how to enjoy change as an exciting opportunity and new adventure.

Leading Meetings
Meetings consume a large part of a professional’s work day. Too often, nothing is done to prepare for and manage this critical expenditure of time and resources. Learn to lead and participate in meetings that are more efficient, more productive, and more valued by everyone.

Mission, Vision, and Values
Communicating a clearly defined mission, vision, and value set is critical in times of crisis. Develop the necessary skills to create these constructs and to support collaboration, mutual trust, and cooperation.

Team Building
Most teams go through predictable stages of development as they work together. Teams that get stuck in the early stages of development fail to reach their goals. Learn how to diagnose team effectiveness, increase the likelihood of achieving both high performance and team member satisfaction, and maintain optimum team performance.

Points of Dispensing (PODs)
Experience a POD—from activation through termination. Learn POD layout, set-up, and flow through a simulated scenario. Participants will be assigned specific POD staff positions while others assume the role of clients.

Benefits of Training

  1. Customized training based on unique needs of each region and/or organization.
  2. Identification of communication linkages.
  3. Enhanced coordination and networking between all stakeholders.
  4. Application of emergency preparedness core competencies for public health workers.
  5. Improved leadership skills.
  6. Enhanced public health readiness on local and statewide level.


The Pennsylvania Preparedness Leadership Institute is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, the Pennsylvania Public Health Training Center, and the Pennsylvania Department of Health.